Coaching & Media Training


Step into your greatest ability to be a powerful, effective communicator in a group or one-on-one setting.   You will learn how to develop a well thought out presentation and methods of delivering it that are credible and impactful.  You will gain the ability to enhance your natural communication style as you become a dynamic and inspirational speaker.  Along the way we will videotape your presentations and discuss ways to strengthen your message and communication style.  Unique to my skills as a journalist-based communications coach, I am also a Certified Instructor of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®, Step I & Step II).  Using MBTI® I can help you capitalize on your communications strengths and become aware of communication areas that might be a challenge. My coaching style pushes you beyond your comfort zone in a way that is empowering, supportive and fun!  I customize my work with every client.  Our work together is tailored to meet your needs.

Learn how to:

  • Communicate clearly and succinctly
  • Build your confidence
  • Be compelling and make an impact
  • Practice presentation skills – How to look and sound your best
  • Pinpoint your message and hold the audience attention
  • Handle the challenging discussions while keep your meeting on track
  • Identify your hidden nonverbal cues
  • Practice through videotaped segments
  • Gain insights with MBTI® Coaching
  • Fine tune your presentation with wardrobe & style consulting

                                  National & international experience with top corporations and nonprofits

                              (Intel, Sony, ECC, CDW Healthcare,, Seven Tepees Youth Organization )



Preparation for on-camera or print interviews.  As a career television anchor and reporter I will help you anticipate what to expect and how to prepare for your interview or news conference, as well as teach you how to get your story across to both the journalist and the audience/reader.  The communication skills listed above will be taught as well as other skills specific to media interviews.

Learn how to:

  • Prepare for your interview or news conference
  • Know the journalists’ approach and what motivations are behind the story
  • Find out how time influences the success of an interview
  • Use a specific technique to pinpoint your message
  • Anticipate the tough questions and prepare your answers
  • Keep your message on track
  • Maintain an open and respectful conversation
  • Practice and review on-camera


I am also available if you have a specific program, training or a meeting you would like to bring in an additional facilitator.